Principal's Message

Welcome to Stoughton High School

Stoughton High School is a wonderful place to receive an education. We have a faculty who are well educated, qualified, and expert in their subject matter. We are committed to helping our students become lifelong learners.

In addition, Stoughton High School has a well-deserved reputation for being a tolerant and caring community of learners. The high school administrators: Mr. O'Neil, Mr. Bontya, and I, are here to maintain this safe, respectful learning environment for our students, teachers, and support staff.

We understand that all students have the right to a quality education and are prepared to provide one for you. Furthermore, we understand that you must be an active participant in the process in order for it to succeed. You are expected to read, understand, and follow the rules, regulations, and policies that are in the Stoughton High School Student Planner. These rules set forth general academic and behavioral policies, and procedures that are necessary to keep Stoughton High School successful.

Please pay special attention to the sections dedicated to Attendance Rules, Standards for Academic Integrity, and Rules involving your personal behavior. Remember your personal reputation is developed over time, you are in control of it, and responsible for it. Take advantage of the many clubs and activities that Stoughton High School has to offer and enjoy the wonderful camaraderie that being part of these activities provides.

Most of all remember that your success in high school will mostly rest in your hands. The resources for learning are here and the faculty, administrators and support staffs are here to help you in any way possible.

I hope you have an exciting, challenging, and successful experience during the school year.

Best of Luck,
Ms. Miller