School Counseling / Guidance

The selection of specific subjects each school year should be based upon an understanding of one's own interests, abilities, limitations, and future plans. An important function of our guidance program is to assist pupils in planning wisely for the future by helping them to realize their potential and choose courses which will aid them in reaching their life goals.

Students may arrange for personal interviews with their counselors and are encouraged to participate in the programs offered by the Guidance Department throughout the year. Parents wishing to discuss academic progress, selection of courses, and other matters related to school performance are urged to consult with the counselor assigned to the student. Students stay with the same Guidance Counselor for all four years at Stoughton High School. Please see the Counselor Assignment chart in the links to the left if you are unsure of your child's Guidance Counselor.

Appointments may be arranged by contacting the Guidance Dept. Office at (781) 344-4000, ext. 1251.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Nada Bourji Guidance Counselor Ext. 1267
Christine Carr Guidance Counselor Ext. 1263
Christopher Evans Guidance Counselor Ext. 1272
Barbara Meyer Guidance Counselor Ext. 1265
Meg Kennedy Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1266
Georgeann Lewis Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1334
Christine O'Malley Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1287
Marianne Kimball School Psychologist Ext. 1261
Cary Sommers School Psychologist Ext. 6160