Science Fair and Knight of Excellence

Join us at the SHS Science Fair and Knight of Excellence on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 from 6:30-8pm.

The Science department is looking forward to showcasing the talent of our students on March 11, 2020 at the Knight of Excellence/Science Fair. Advanced Placement Chemistry, Biology, and Physics students have been preparing for months: first developing a topic of investigation, preparing a literature review of background information, designing an experiment, and preparing the required forms for approval from the Massachusetts State Science Fair Board. Students are now finishing up their experimentation and beginning analysis and presentation of their results. As part of the science fair, students will be judged by 3 individual judges and compete for the honor to represent Stoughton at the State Science Fair on May 1st and 2nd.

In addition to the traditional projects, our engineering and physics students have also been preparing for the science fair. Physics students are investigating the force of a projectile object by building a trebuchet. Students with the most accurate and farthest distance will be awarded a prize.

For yet another event, Engineering students are designing a mousetrap car. The mousetrap car demonstrates the conversion of potential energy to kinetic energy. The objective of the event is to design the car that will travel the farthest distance. Students will need to consider the weight of the design, the length of the car to wheel ratio, and other factors.

Other events offered that night will focus on problem solving and teamwork. Chemistry students will use their knowledge of acid/base reactions to launch a small rocket across the room. All students are invited to take part in the Instant Challenge and Wind Turbine Events. In the Instant Challenge, teams of students compete to solve an inquiry based challenge. In the Wind Turbine Event, students will design an aerodynamic blade to maximize the amount of electrical energy harnessed.

The SHS School Store will be open for business! They have SHS apparel for sale from $15 through $39 as well as drinks and snacks. The store is cash-only. Please stop by the school store and take a peek!

We hope to see you at the Knight of Excellence/Science Fair so you can witness our work first hand.

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