Natural and Applied Sciences

The science curriculum offers the college preparatory student a background in integrated science, biology, chemistry, and physics. The standard student will also find suitable courses in earth science, biology, and physical science.

Several elective courses allow the students to explore areas in science of special interest to them. In addition, scientifically talented students are offered intensive and challenging opportunities at an advanced level.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Amy Wiebe Director / Teacher Ext. 4102
Trisha Asselin Teacher Ext. 4107
Craig Beaulieu Teacher Ext. 2107
Kathleen Bulger Teacher Ext. 4105
Kevin Carlton Teacher Ext. 4104
Wini Dillon Teacher Ext. 4106
Clayton Handleman Teacher Ext. 2106
Jennifer Kelly Teacher Ext. 4101
Peter Law Teacher Ext. 4108
Joel Rubin Teacher Ext. 2104
Courtney Sasin Teacher Ext. 5102
Kevin Walsh Teacher Ext. 5101
Kerry Wilbur Teacher Ext. 4103