About the SHS Math Department

The Mathematics program is designed to meet the needs of students with varying academic abilities.  Courses have been aligned with the state framework, and to the Common Core State Standards to provide all students a strong foundation in mathematics as well as prepare them for their future goals.  Each course provides students the opportunity to communicate math effectively through reading, writing, and speaking the language of mathematics as well as the development of critical and creative thinking, problem solving and mathematical modeling skills.

The Math Department uses different types of instructional technology to enhance the learning process, such as computer programs, Smart Boards, and calculators.  A TI-83/84 Graphing calculator is required for all courses. However, calculators should never be used in lieu of mastering basic computational skills, nor should they replace a basic understanding and application of mathematical principles.

All students will need to pass Algebra 1, Geometry and five credits of an Algebra 2 course and also have passed 20 credits in math in order to graduate.