Welcome to the SHS English Language Arts Department

To complete the four year English requirements, ninth and tenth grade students must pass a five credit English course each year. After passing Grade 10 English, a student must then pass four semesters of English by the end of Grade 12. Students may take a maximum of two English courses a semester to fulfill the Grade 11 and Grade 12 requirements. (Exceptions to this rule are by permission of the Director of English.) A maximum of two writing courses (5 credits) may be used to fulfill English graduation requirements. In Grade 11, all students, except those taking American Studies 558 or English 11 Honors, or the year long American Literature/Writing Workshop or Myth in Modern Literature/Writing Workshop must take two semester courses; one semester must be Writing Workshop and the other a literature course. To be eligible for graduation, students must pass Writing Workshop. In Grade 12 students must be enrolled in at least one English course for each semester.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Alexandra Loud Director / Teacher Ext. 3112
Kayla Brown Teacher Ext. 4111 voicemail only
Lori Cederquist Teacher Ext. 4119 voicemail only
Deirdra Chapman Teacher Ext. 4120 voicemail only
Lauren Fidler Teacher Ext. 4135 voicemail only
Angela Furioso Teacher Ext. 4140 voicemail only
Jillian Goldberg Teacher Ext. 4142 voicemail only
Emily Hastings Teacher Ext. 4146 voicemail only
Jenna Kelly Teacher Ext. 4157 voicemail only
Ashley Merola Teacher
Hilary Moll Teacher Ext. 4169 voicemail only
Bryan Norman Teacher Ext. 4172 voicemail only
Janean Ruschioni Teacher Ext. 4182 voicemail only
Brittany Wasik Teacher Ext. 4199 voicemail only