Senior Quotes

Senior Quotes – Due by October 15, 2018

There are two components for the senior quote: a thank-you message and/or an inspirational quote. You can do both or choose either a thank you message or a quote.

  • Both the quotation and the message together must have no more than 250 characters total.
  • No nicknames should be included, although appropriately shortened names may be accepted (such as “Greg” instead of “Gregory”). No word or number codes (such as LOL or 143) or initials and abbreviations will be accepted.
  • You may not reference any situations, activities, or events deemed “inappropriate” by the school or town.
  • Anything taken from a song, poem, or other source should be attributed to its original source – cite your source!
  • Anything identified as inappropriate or not conforming to the above guidelines will be DELETED WITHOUT NOTICE!
  • If you have doubts, check your Student Handbook or ask Mrs. Riley (Room D304.) Remember the difference between single and double quotation marks if you are borrowing words/phrases/lines from another source: song, lyrics, poems, novels, dialogue, speeches, favorite television characters, favorite friends and/or teachers/counselors/coaches/ administrators at SHS etc.
  • Please TYPE your Quotation/Message and send via email to In the subject line of your email, please type “Senior Quote”.
  • I will respond to your email letting you know that I have it. If you don’t get an email message from me, send it again or follow up with me to be sure I have received your quote.