Stoughton High School Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Juliette Miller Administrative Principal Ext. 1107
Michael O'Neil Assistant Principal Ext. 4141
Alan Bontya Assistant Principal Ext. 4141
Derek Small Dean of Discipline Ext. 4141
Louise Brauneis Registrar Ext. 4109
Terese Croghan Peer Mediation Coordinator Ext. 2317
Michelle Carmichael Administrative Assistants Ext. 1107
Julie Giroux Administrative Assistants Ext. 4141
Caitlin Krim Administrative Assistants Ext. 4159
Cynthia Foley Ext. 1240
Ryan Donahue Director of Athletics Ext. 1131
Sheanna Isabel School Resource Officer / Stoughton Police Department
Patricia Foley Teacher Ext. 4137 voicemail only
Alternative Education
Name Title Phone
James Arguimbau Teacher Ext. 4100 voicemail only
Debra Parker Teacher Ext. 4177 voicemail only
Bill Doherty Teacher Ext. 4130 voicemail only
Name Title Phone
Ryan Donahue Athletics Director Ext. 1131
Lindsay Scuoteguazza Athletic Trainer
Charmaine Steele Jordan Athletics Liaison
Name Title Phone
Kimberly Kellogg Director / Teacher Ext. 3212
Kevin Bechet Teacher Ext. 3320
Candice Comeaux Teacher Ext. 4121 voicemail only
Robert DeRosa Teacher Ext. 4127 voicemail only
Thomas McCormack Teacher Ext. 2112
Nancy Riley Teacher Ext. 4180 voicemail only
Lori Cederquist Teacher Ext. 4119 voicemail only
Name Title Phone
Alexandra Loud Director / Teacher Ext. 3112
Kayla Brown Teacher Ext. 4111 voicemail only
Lori Cederquist Teacher Ext. 4119 voicemail only
Deirdra Chapman Teacher Ext. 4120 voicemail only
Lauren Fidler Teacher Ext. 4135 voicemail only
Angela Furioso Teacher Ext. 4140 voicemail only
Jillian Goldberg Teacher Ext. 4142 voicemail only
Emily Hastings Teacher Ext. 4146 voicemail only
Jenna Kelly Teacher Ext. 4157 voicemail only
Ashley Merola Teacher
Hilary Moll Teacher Ext. 4169 voicemail only
Bryan Norman Teacher Ext. 4172 voicemail only
Janean Ruschioni Teacher Ext. 4182 voicemail only
Brittany Wasik Teacher Ext. 4199 voicemail only
English Language Education
Name Title Phone
Dr. Amy Quealy ELE Program Coordinator
Thais Payne Teacher
Eric Shuel Teacher Ext. 4188 voicemail only
Fine Arts
Name Title Phone
John Mange K-12 Director of Fine Arts - Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Tuesday Jazz Band, Jazz Combo Ext. 1161
Christopher Nickelson-Mann Music Teacher - Symphonic/Choncert Choirs, Jazz Choir, A Cappella, Music Theory, Piano, TLC Music Ext. 4171 voicemail only
Keith Curbow Ext. 4124 voicemail only
Sarah Labrie Music Teacher - Treble Chorale, Piano Ext. 4160 voicemail only
Joseph Fontinha Visual Art Teacher - Drawing and Painting, Studio Art, Portfolio Ext. 4138 voicemail only
Alyssa Dancey-Beaulieu Visual Art Teacher - Fine Crafts, Digital Photography, TLC Visual Art Ext. 4126 voicemail only
Jesse Stansfield Visual Art Teacher - Digital Photography Ext. 1230
Kathryn Schlegel Ext. 4185 voicemail only
David Wall
Learning Commons
Name Title Phone
Theresa Neary Media Specialist ext. 1218
Name Title Phone
Kimberly Kellogg Director / Teacher Ext. 3212
Michael Armour Teacher Ext. 4102 voicemail only
Robert Dacey Teacher Ext. 4125 voicemail only
Hannah Dickie Teacher Ext. 4128 voicemail only
Joseph Donovan Teacher Ext. 4131 voicemail only
Nicole Eisenmann Ext. 4211
Kathleen Fidler Teacher Ext. 4134 voicemail only
Patricia Foley Teacher Ext. 4137 voicemail only
Rebecca Gaffney
Gabriel Garcia Teacher
Hilary Havener Teacher Ext. 4148 voicemail only
Matthew Hubler
Margo Jones Ext. 4154 voicemail only
William Kellogg Teacher Ext. 4156 voicemail only
Amanda Lydon Teacher Ext. 4163 voicemail only
Julia Sweet
Renee Trudeau Ext. 4193 voicemail only
Rachel Vieira Teacher Ext. 4196 voicemail only
Natural and Applied Sciences
Name Title Phone
Amy Wiebe Director / Teacher Ext. 2212
Trisha Asselin Teacher Ext. 4103 voicemail only
Craig Beaulieu Teacher Ext. 4105 voicemail only
Patricia Buoniconti
Kevin Carlton Teacher Ext. 4116 voicemail only
Wini Dillon Teacher Ext. 4129 voicemail only
Shane Elliott Teacher
Clayton Handleman Teacher Ext. 4145 voicemail only
Jennifer Kelly Teacher Ext. 4158 voicemail only
Peter Law Teacher Ext. 4161 voicemail only
Christopher McGrath Teacher Ext. 4166 voicemail only
Joel Rubin Teacher Ext. 4181 voicemail only
Courtney Sasin Teacher Ext. 4183 voicemail only
Kevin Walsh Ext. 5101
Kerry Wilbur Teacher Ext. 4200 voicemail only
Name Title Phone
Suzanne Barrett, BSN, RN School Nurse 781-344-7001 Ext. 2131
Physical Education
Name Title Phone
Ryan Donahue Athletics Director Ext. 1131
Jaclyn Bontya Teacher Ext. 4108 voicemail only
Gregory Burke
Bryan Carew Teacher Ext. 4115 voicemail only
Kevin Carty Teacher Ext. 4117 voicemail only
Patricia Curtis
Bill Horan Teacher Ext. 4149 voicemail only
Caitlin Jamiel Teacher Ext. 4153 voicemail only
Name Title Phone
Jill Mackay Teacher Ext. 4164 voicemail only
School Counseling / Guidance
Name Title Phone
Elizabeth Hennessy Director of School Counseling Ext. 1207
Sara Baroncelli Administrative Assistant Ext. 1202
Nada Bourji School Counselor Ext. 1212
Christine Carr School Counselor Ext. 1206
Christopher Evans School Counselor Ext. 1203
Barbara Meyer School Counselor Ext. 1205
Meg Kennedy Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1208
Georgeann Lewis Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1210
Christine O'Malley Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1209
Laura Sawyer Ext. 1201
Marianne Kimball School Psychologist Ext. 1204
Cary Sommers School Psychologist Ext. 1105
Ashley Guba College and Career Counselor Ext. 1200
Social Studies
Name Title Phone
John Gallivan Director / Teacher Ext. 2312 voicemail only
Nicole Cardoso Teacher Ext. 4114 voicemail only
Caitlyn Conlin Teacher Ext. 4122 voicemail only
Melanie Ingrao Teacher Ext. 4151 voicemail only
Michael Ingrao Teacher Ext. 4152 voicemail only
Beth Manchester Teacher Ext. 4165 voicemail only
Clifford McLean Teacher Ext. 4167 voicemail only
Mollie O'Connell Teacher Ext. 4173 voicemail only
Jaime Regan Teacher Ext. 4179 voicemail only
Jessica Scott Teacher Ext. 4186 voicemail only
Amy Scullane Teacher Ext. 4187 voicemail only
Stephen Woodruff Teacher Ext. 4201 voicemail only
Special Education
Name Title Phone
Carolan Sampson Administrator of Special Education
Gabriella Cratty Teacher
Karen Duke Teacher Ext. 2140
Kathy Endriunas Teacher Ext. 4132 voicemail only
Jennifer Greene Teacher Ext. 4144 voicemail only
Meg Kennedy Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1208
Georgeann Lewis Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1210
Elizabeth Londergan Head Teacher Ext. 2102
Melissa McNamara Ext. 2308
Sarah McShea Teacher Ext. 2200
Christine O'Malley Adjustment Counselor Ext. 1209
Lauren Ruggiero Teacher
Theresa St. George Teacher Ext. 3103
Allyson Strachan Teacher Ext. 3102
Patricia Sweeney Teacher Ext. 2207
Thomas Warren Teacher Ext. 4198 voicemail only
World Languages
Name Title Phone
Hilary Turnbull Director / Teacher Ext. 4195 voicemail only
James Babb Teacher Ext. 4104 voicemail only
Julie Bellini Teacher Ext. 4106
Liza Farquharson Teacher Ext. 4133 voicemail only
Kristen Finnegan Teacher Ext. 4136 voicemail only
William Gorman Teacher Ext. 4143 voicemail only
Michael Kantor
Danielle McCullough
Rachel O'Reilly Teacher Ext. 4175 voicemail only
Sarah O'Reilly Teacher Ext. 4176 voicemail only
Ilana Rugg Teacher Ext. 2311
Jessica Scanlon Teacher Ext. 4184 voicemail only
Thomas Silva Teacher Ext. 4189 voicemail only
Fuqin Sun Teacher Ext. 4190 voicemail only