SHS Student Activities

At the beginning of the year, announcements on the P.A. system provide information about the start of student activities and the dates of scheduled general or committee meetings. Articles will also appear regularly in The Knight, the student newspaper, about the following clubs and school activities, which vary from year to year.

Alternate Infinity

This club is for students interested in science fiction, horror, suspense, imagination, speculative and occult literature and films. Students address the questions raised by authors of this literature to help them cope with change in their own lives. They reflect on the problems they share with all humanity on a planet with problems of ecological balance, human/machine interaction, new technologies and even the survival of the planet itself. The broad category of “science fiction’ as the only future-oriented literature, has the ability to provide some answers. The group meets weekly.

Chess Club

The Chess Club is designed as tournament play among Stoughton High School students. All levels, from beginners to advanced, are involved. Those who wish to learn this game of intellectual strategy are encouraged to attend. The Chess Club meets once a week. Prizes are awarded at the end of the season.

Civil Rights Team

Operating within the framework of Stoughton High School’s peer leadership program, and with the cooperation of other student groups like the Gay-Straight Alliance, the Civil Rights team’s mission is to cultivate and train a diverse corps of students to increase safety in their schools by fighting bias, bigotry and racism through programs, projects and education. An additional goal is to expose students to laws and policies regarding harassment and hate crimes. This state-wide effort is coordinated by the National Conference of Community and Justice and the Governor’s Task Force on Hate Crimes.

Color Guard

The Color Guard is open to any interested student in grades nine through twelve. The Color Guard works with the marching band during the fall season at home football games and in marching band competitions. The 91-92 Guard was selected as “Best Color Guard’ in the New England Scholastic Band Association Division III Competition held in October at Oliver Ames High School. Members of the guard learn and perform marching routines, prop and flag choreography, and dance. The Guard participates with the band in the town parades.

Debate Club

The debate club, which meets weekly, is open to anyone at any time during the year who would like to discuss and/or argue topics of interest. Both Lincoln-Douglas debate and Policy debate are practiced. Whenever feasible, the team will attend regional forensics tournaments, focusing primarily on speech competition.


Two major productions are held each year. Dinner Theatre is performed in late autumn, and a musical is performed in the spring. Auditions are announced over the loud speaker for several days before they are held. All stage crew jobs are also open to students. A talent show is co-produced with Student Council and held in the winter.

Gay/Straight Alliance

The Gay Straight Alliance was formed during the school year 1997-98 with the support of the Stoughton Public School’s administration and the Massachusetts Department of Education. The goals of the organization are to provide a safe environment for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender students, as well as straight students, and to offer opportunities for education and discussion on GLBT issues for all members of the Stoughton community. The group meets regularly and is ideally co-advised by a male and female staff member. Most of the activities supported by grants from the Department of Education. The group has participated in regional workshops, hosted guest speakers, and sponsored programs and workshops for concerned students and faculty.

Intramural Writing Competition

To select two juniors to represent Stoughton in the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Competition, the English department each fall sponsors the Intramural Writing Competition. Juniors who participate must submit a sample of their best writing and complete a one-hour impromptu writing assignment on a topic given to them at the time of the competition. The English department judges the entries and awards the outstanding student submissions Honorable Mention, Semi Finalist, or Finalist certificates. The two finalists then compete in the national writing competition in March.

The Knight

The Knight, SHS’s student newspaper, meets weekly to plan, write, and edit news, features, and editorials of interest to the student population. All students are welcome to attend meetings and submit articles, photos, and illustrations for publication. The Knight publishes at least four times a year.

Law Club

The Law Club is open to all students in grades 9 - 12 who are interested in law. The club sponsors guest speakers on various law-related topics of interest to the membership. In previous years, members have visited the Southeast Correctional Facility’s Project Outlook Program.

Omega Club

The Omega Club is for students who enjoy exploring and celebrating all aspects of cultural diversity at SHS. The students in this club aim to learn about each other’s differences so that they have a better appreciation of the diverse world in which we all live. Primary goals include: developing leadership skills, doing community service, planning projects, hosting guest speakers, holding workshops and having fun.

Math Team

The objective of the math team is to give any student interested in mathematics a chance to compete against students from other schools. This helps students become aware that there are people in other communities who are also interested in mathematics. They are also competing against the clock and must learn to think quickly. Some extra work is required of the students in preparation for the competition. This can be accomplished after school and at home by completing practice exams.

Music programs: Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, Marching Band, Show Choir

The High School Music Department offers many opportunities to perform with a challenging musical group, either vocally or instrumentally. The groups perform at many school concerts and also participate in regional, state, and national tournaments. The music program has been consistently ranked tops in New England for the past ten years. Auditions are required for Jazz Band, Jazz Choir, and Show Choir.

National Honor Society

Membership to the National Honor Society is open only to juniors and seniors who have maintained a B+ grade point average and who have shown leadership qualities both in school and in the community. National Honor Society is a service organization which raises money for national charities, volunteers in the community, tutors students throughout the Stoughton school system, and awards a scholarship to a graduating senior.

Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership has been active in Stoughton since 1987. It has a long-standing association with the community health committee. Its primary goals are to develop leadership skills and strategies of avoiding peer pressure. Members host the annual blood drive, participate in parent forums, staff a booth at the Sinai Health Fair and attend a number of events surrounding “Team Harmony.” In general, Peer Leadership coordinates activities, which promote harmony, equity, diversity, and an appreciation of a substance-free lifestyle. Members work with a variety of local and regional groups whose goals are consistent with theirs. Members meet weekly to plan activities and to discuss issues as they affect Stoughton and the world. Any Stoughton High School student is eligible to join at any time throughout the year.

Recycling Club

The Recycling Club is a group of students who care about the environment. Anyone may participate. So far, the Recycling Club has organized a program to return all five-cent deposit cans and to recycle all non-refundable aluminum drink cans. Currently, members are working on a program for recycling paper.


S.A.D.D.’s goal is to make students aware of the risks involved with alcohol and drug abuse. Members accomplish this through a series of activities: making announcements at critical times of the year; writing newspaper articles; distributing message cards; providing red ribbons; hanging posters; creating bulletin boards and a billboard.

Science Fair

The Science Fair is an annual event open to everyone. Students are encouraged to pursue a research topic of interest, then prepare a report, conduct an experiment and compete in a fair judged by experts in the field of science. The Fair is composed of two divisions, exhibit and experimental. Winners are eligible to compete at a higher level in both the regional and state science fairs.

Science Olympiad Team

The Science Olympiad Team is open to students of all grades. We compete in regional competition once per month, and in March in the State Science Olympiad. The events cover a wide range of topics and include interesting projects to be built. Meetings and sign-ups are held in D108 with Mr. Carey. Last year’s team took home many medals and had fun. All are welcome.

Stotonian Yearbook

Members of the Stotonian staff meet in order to plan, discuss, distribute forms, type, work on layout sheets, sell advertising space, and sell yearbooks. Contributors write, sketch, draw, cut and paste, and study yearbooks of the past from SHS and from other schools. Journalism experience, either through course work or school newspaper work, is a plus.

Student Council

Student Council holds meetings in the evenings, which are open to the entire student body. Fifteen members are elected from each class in the spring of every year by their peers. The principal, on the recommendation of the Student Council adviser, may appoint two students from each class who ran and weren’t elected. Two at-large members may also be appointed in the same manner. The Student Council members elect Student Council officers after the general election. Both new members and members from the previous year may vote. Some of the activities Student Council is involved with are: developing the all-school calendar, running all school elections, coordinating Spirit Week, making weekly visits to the Copley Nursing Home, decorating Blue Hills Nursing Home for the holidays, overseeing the Winter Dance, sponsoring a Sweetheart Dance for grades 1-5, providing a dinner with entertainment for the senior citizens of the community, and attending regional and statewide meetings and conventions. Other activities are included as the needs arise.

Student Advisory Council

The Student Advisory Council is comprised of the Student Council president, the regional Student Council representative, the student representative to the School Committee and class representatives (one for each class). Each spring elections determine the following year’s membership. The role of this council is to represent the student body at periodic meetings with the principal. Student handbook revision, the addressing of concerns, and the proposal of new ideas are a few examples of this important student leadership council.

Wings - S.H.S. Literary Magazine

Membership in the staff of Wings, S.H.S.’s literary magazine, is open to students who are interested in writing, art, or any aspect of magazine production. Students meet regularly to share, discuss, and revise their work. After revision is completed, lay out and edit of the magazine for publication takes place. The staff also encourages other students, who are not active members, to submit papers as well.