Article: Sleepaway Camp Can Build College Skills

Sleepaway Camp Can Build College Skills

by  Mary Stegmeir  on 4/8/2016 10:09 AM

Category: College Readiness

Looking for a fun way to help your student prepare for college? Consider sleepaway camp. 

The experience of being away from home as a teen or pre-teen can help freshmen adjust to campus living, college students and staff told NBC News. 

“While we don’t track students who have participated in an overnight camp experience, I can comfortably speculate that those who have are more apt to apply the tools they learned there in resolving roommate conflicts, problem-solving in small groups, and learning to live with people from different backgrounds,” Meredith Harper Bonham, vice president for student affairs at Kenyon College (OH), told the news channel.
From making friends to sharing a bathroom, summer camp gives kids an opportunity to gain independence and learn how to live as part of a community. 

It can also shake students out of their comfort zones, prompting them to try new activities and expand their social circle.

“Camp taught me how to be away from my parents, interact with complete strangers, and become independent,” said 22-year-old Benjamin Eidelberg, a recent University of Maryland grad. “…Like in college, I was forced to meet and socialize with strangers and ultimately develop my group of friends.”

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