SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)

Register for the SAT online on the College Board website. Our school code is 222075.

You can practice for the SAT by doing the SAT Question of the Day on the College Board website as well.

You should take the SAT Reasoning Test at least one time during the spring of your junior year. After you see your scores, you can decide whether to take them again that year or in the fall of senior year.

You are responsible for sending your scores through the College Board to the colleges to which you are applying in the fall. We do not send your scores on your transcript. Watch for the deadlines that the colleges use for receiving your scores as well as the College Board’s deadline for asking for scores to be sent in order to arrive at the colleges on time. Read the information regarding Score Choice on the College Board website by clicking here.

Make sure you are checking to see if the colleges that you are interested in applying to require SAT II Subject tests, and register for them accordingly. If a college "recommends" taking the tests but does not require them, we advise you to take them. If your scores are good, it might make the difference in getting into that college. Please check out the Compass Education Group website for information on which colleges require/recommend taking the SAT II Subject tests.

**Remember, you can check the FairTest website for a list of colleges and universities who do not require standardized test scores for admission.